What is a Sextant and What Does it Have to Do With Your University?

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The world of higher education is complex. Things are changing. Degrees have gone online. Enrollment strategies are ruled by data. Digital marketing is essential. The future of higher ed promises more change to come. And the recent COVID-19 outbreak is a reminder that storms can arise at any time. Higher education and marketing for higher education need to be able to change with the shifting landscape as much as they need to adjust course when the unexpected occurs if we want students and universities to thrive.

Sextant marketing has been here through all these transitions and more. We’ve been here from the start. With over 19 years of higher ed program management experience, we’ve seen it all, and we’ve kept our eyes trained on the goals. Connect the right student with the right program. Make a difference to each student we encounter by delivering the highest quality experience from the first impression to initial contact and through enrollment for each institution we represent.

Through future-focused, tech-forward, full-funnel service, we help you gather the data, plot your course, and reach your destination, just like the navigational tool we’re named for.

That’s where SEXTANT comes in.

What Does the Sextant Mean to Higher Education Marketing?

A sextant is a marine navigational tool used to measure the angular distance between a point on the horizon and a celestial body. It determines a navigator’s position and traditionally helped ships find their way on long voyages.

In higher education, we’re all navigators, in one way or another, charged with setting a course to a far-off destination. It’s not always a straight line to your goals. Staying on course requires adjustments – with the help of seasoned partners who can help you chart your course and navigate the uncharted world of higher ed marketing and enrollment management.

Just as future-focused ideas and technology are changing the landscape of marketing for higher education, the historical SEXTANT instrument has since been replaced by more advanced technology, but the principle remains the same. If you know where you are, where you want to go, and what True North is, you can find your way.

A Full-Funnel Higher Ed Marketing Agency Helps You Find Your True North

At Sextant Marketing, our purpose is to serve as the bridge between higher education and prospective students and to support institutions of higher learning with innovative ideas that attract and enroll the right students for their respective institutions.

For colleges and universities, it helps to know what True North is for you.

By definition, True North is the direction along Earth’s surface toward geographic north, according to the Earth’s axis. In the world of higher education, True North is your essential truth. Your institution’s internal guiding compass. Your purpose.

Through a commitment to your True North, a strategic plan, and a flexible partnership with a guide that understands you, together we can journey to fulfill a vision of the world where each prospective student selects the right institution to support their best learning experience, ultimately leading to meaningful, engaging employment.

What does your student journey look like? Let’s chart a course together