Sextant Marketing Sets Out to Transform Enrollment Yield Campaigns, Announces Silver Certification Partner Status with Sharpspring.

SharpSpring Silver Certified Agency Partner

Sextant gives colleges and universities the benefits of an automated platform that improves lead generation, marketing, and student acquisition.

As a SharpSpring Silver Certified Agency Partner, Sextant Marketing offers colleges and universities an innovative, data-driven suite of tools that optimizes the process of matching the right students to the right degree programs.

The behavioral-based, automated marketing platform from SharpSpring also helps streamline a school’s operations. Tasks that once required hours to complete are handled faster through sophisticated software, freeing up university staff to take on more creative endeavors.

Working as a SharpSpring Silver Certified Agency Partner is a source of pride at Sextant Marketing. By combining Sextant’s expertise in educational marketing with SharpSpring’s innovative technology, we’ve become even better marketing partners for colleges and universities.

What Is SharpSpring?

SharpSpring’s suite of tools provides an all-in-one solution to lead generation, marketing, analysis and student acquisition. As a SharpSpring Silver Partner, Sextant provides access to marketing automation technology that streamlines the process of matching the right students to the right courses and degree programs. That means our higher education partners will benefit from the kind of marketing automation once typically available only to large corporations.

Among the long list of customizable tools, resources, and outcome analysis included in the SharpSpring-powered suite of tools is:

  •       Seamless integration with all major CRM platforms;
  •       Professional, focused, and effective landing pages;
  •       Email design and marketing automation;
  •       Focused, context-driven social media marketing campaigns;
  •       Funnel visualization tools – understand your prospective student’s journey;
  •       Enterprise-level data analytics;
  •       Integrated form-building.

Working As A SharpSpring Partner

Becoming a SharpSpring Silver Certified Agency Partner required Sextant Marketing to learn the SharpSpring system and all the ways it can best benefit our university partners. The team at Sextant Marketing then went through tests and an examination, demonstrating their ability to do in-app implementation of SharpSpring features.

For Sextant’s college and university clients, this means we can now work more efficiently and effectively to create digital marketing campaigns that improve lead generation and student acquisition. Being a SharpSpring partner fits perfectly with our mission to operate a future-focused agency that always aligns with the needs and goals of our clients. “The digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving and presenting new opportunities. Everyone at Sextant works hard to identify and implement technology that will benefit our university partners,” said Jessica Banich, Vice President of Marketing Services. “Being a SharpSpring Silver Certified Agency Partner is part of that effort. It’s an innovative system that helps us make our clients’ marketing efforts more successful, and that is always the goal with every system we implement.”

It’s important to note that as experts in automation tools, we can work with any existing systems in use by colleges and universities. Our focus is always on leveraging innovative technology to create better lead generation and student enrollment.

Education is vital to a thriving society. At the same time, educational institutions face unprecedented and rapidly evolving challenges. With Sextant as a dedicated partner, our clients break new ground to secure the future of their institutions, their students, and the future of education.