Sextant Marketing Partners with Northern Michigan University to Provide Marketing, Enrollment Services

Sextant partners with Northern Michigan University – Higher ed marketing and enrollment.

Sextant will focus on NMU Global Campus online programs, working with the university to meet ambitious objectives for student engagement, leads, and applications.

Sextant Marketing, a leader in fee-for-service marketing and enrollment support in higher education, has been chosen by Northern Michigan University as the school’s partner for media, marketing, and enrollment efforts. Sextant will act as the school’s marketing Agency of Record, providing advisory, consulting, and management services.

Working with Northern Michigan University, Sextant will develop university marketing strategies and enrollment marketing services designed specifically for the school, including paid media and social media campaigns, SEO services and content development.

Sextant will focus on the NMU Global Campus, which offers online degree programs that Northern Michigan University holds to the same high standard as those on campus. Sextant will provide university marketing strategies, as well as creative and media management.

“The NMU Global Campus team is excited about our partnership with Sextant Marketing. With our small staff and limited resources, it is getting harder to reach our audience, and it is essential to use what resources we have wisely,” said Brad Hamel, Director of Global Campus Operations for Northern Michigan University. “Sextant Marketing will be an extension of our team, building on NMU’s mission and vision to grow our online market share in both the regional and national markets.”

Matthew Speer, Chief Operating Officer and Managing Partner at Sextant Marketing, said the Tampa-based company looks forward to working with the University and helping to shape its marketing strategy.

“Northern Michigan University is a fantastic school with unlimited potential for its Global Campus,” said Matthew. “We’re perfectly suited to help them reach their ambitious targets for student enrollment. We have a great team with the right tools to leverage all the benefits of digital marketing, including paid search, social media, SEO and more.”

Sextant will provide a variety of university marketing strategy services to Northern Michigan University, including:

  • Developing and executing marketing plans for the NMU Global Campus
  • Planning, developing, and maintaining media strategy, marketing research, and media placement services for Northern Michigan University nationally
  • Providing strategic and tactical management of Northern Michigan University’s paid digital marketing activities
  • Applying geo-targeting functionality where applicable
  • Providing strategic and technical website optimization
  • Establishing and managing ongoing strategic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns
  • Providing creative and technical services

Brad Hamel said the partnership with Sextant is a perfect fit for the university. “NMU’s Global Campus offers quality online academic programming with the personal touch that distance learners expect,” he said. “We feel that the partnership with Sextant Marketing is the best way to highlight why students should choose NMU’s Global Campus.”

About Sextant Marketing

Centrally located in the heart of Tampa’s historic Latin District, Sextant Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency and consultancy dedicated to the service of higher education. We are a team of full-funnel student enrollment experts with deep experience delivering coordinated new student recruitment, retention, and yield campaigns across all program and student types. Sextant Marketing is a nimble partner with a comprehensive approach made possible through our forward-thinking model and 19+ years in higher education program management working with some of the nation’s leading institutions.

About Northern Michigan University

Northern Michigan University, located in historic Marquette, Michigan, is a dynamic, public university known for its undergraduate research opportunities, award-winning leadership programs, and cutting-edge technology initiatives. NMU’s Global Campus offers online academic programs ranging from one-year certificates to a doctorate degree.