Four adults of various ages stand in front of a brick wall holding cardboard signs in front of their faces that depict social media activities.

How to Create an Effective Organic Social Media Strategy for Your College or University

Organic social media is an effective marketing tool for higher education when your targeted message informs, entertains, and engaging.

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University Branding Strategy

University Branding: How to Tell a Story Prospective Students Want to Hear

University branding strategy considers all aspects of the student journey - from discovery, enrollment, and study, to graduation and beyond.

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Student wearing mask looking at phone with personalized digital recruitment message

Personalized Digital Recruitment and Enrollment Management for Higher Education

Higher education turns to digital recruitment to better engage students. Sextant Marketing offers help through the entire enrollment cycle.

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college application process

How Colleges Can Help Students Understand the College Application Process

Sextant gives colleges & universities the tools to partner with students and parents to understand & improve the college application process.

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