How Colleges Can Help Students Understand the College Application Process

Sextant gives colleges & universities the tools to partner with students and parents to understand & improve the college application process.

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Sextant Marketing Sets Out to Transform Enrollment Yield Campaigns, Announces Silver Certification Partner Status with Sharpspring.

As a SharpSpring Silver Certified Agency partner, Sextant offers an automated platform that improves lead gen, marketing, & student acquisition.

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What Does the Rush for Colleges to Go Remote Mean for Online Higher Education?

In the world of higher education, emergency remote and online learning are not the same thing. What does the future look like?

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What is a Sextant and What Does it Have to Do With Your University?

A sextant is a tool traditionally used by sailors to navigate a long journey. In higher education marketing, the Sextant can help you reach your goals.

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